Justdial Reseller

Who can become a Reseller?
A College student looking for some pocket money, a homemaker looking to make better use of your valuable time, a full time professional looking for an additional income or an insurance agent looking to make valuable contacts. We have the key to the door of your dreams.
All you need is:
  • To make a payment of Rs 4999/- plus 10.3% Service Tax which will come to Rs.5514/-
    An Annual Service Charge of Rs.999/- will be payable before the end of every 12 months of your Business, to continue for the next year .
    This is a serious business opportunity. We want serious and committed people to take this up. We shall be providing training, training kits plus support to help our Resellers achieve their goals, hence the one time fee is charged. Its like a small investment for starting a business.
  • A drive to make additional income.
  • Qualification is not a barrier.
  • You can operate from any part of India.
Your only requirement is the passion to make it big.
How does a Reseller work?
The Justdial reseller gives you an opportunity to earn over Rs.6 lakhs per annum and this for even a person with very basic qualification or no experience but with only a passion to succeed in life.
  • You earn money by :
    • Data Collection
    • Get Customers to advertise through Smart Listing

Data Collection

  • On every unique data* provided by you to Just Dial ­ you can get paid upto Rs.50/-.
    * Any shop / establishment information which is not there in the Justdial records / website is an Unique Data for Justdial .
  • For a detailed payment breakup, Click Here
  • Example -
    • If you give 30 leads to Just Dial per day.
    • Considering that you work for 25 days.
    • Total data you would have given - 750 nos
    • At the rate of Rs.30/- per data - (Average commission only considered for example) YOU EARN - Rs.22500/- per month for 750 records.
    • In a year - YOU EARN - Rs.2,70,000 only, with this minimum effort.

Get Customers to advertise through Smart listing

  • Every Smart Listing costs Rs.2999/- which is the Registration fees. (Service tax of 10.3% applicable)
  • Just Dial pays commission of 33% of all Registration fees to the Reseller.
  • Consider 6% of the above 750 customer's database that you have provided, advertise with Justdial through Smart Listing.
  • Based on the example find your earnings below -
    • 6% of the customers from Data base - 45 Clients advertise in Smart Listing
    • You EARN per month - Rs.44535/- per month as you get 33% of the Registration amount
    • In a year , YOU EARN - Rs.534421/- only from similar Smart Listing registrations. PLUS
    • You earn 20% of the monthly ECS collected from Customers approx - Rs.49500/-
In case sale is supported by Justdial (or your Principal Coordinator at Justdial), commission to Reseller will be applicable @ 20% on registration fee as well as ECS cleared.

Your probable earnings become :

Mode Of Earning
Earning In Rupees
Rs. 2,70,000/-
Smart Listing
Rs 5,34,421/-
Rs 49,500/-
Total Earnings
Rs 8,53,921/-
In a nutshell earnings over Rs. 7 lakhs per year is an achievable amount and the opportunity is immense.
Why should I become a Justdial Reseller?
Any individual with a minimal business acumen can earn more than Rs. 6 lakhs per annum and the residual income possibilities from this business are immense.
Become a Reseller:
  • To achieve financial independence
  • To live your entrepreneurial dream
  • For making your own network and building contacts
  • To be associated with a big brand like Justdial
  • To be your own boss